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This page is aimed at site visitors living in the Lincoln area who require any of the services by the firm shown below:-    
I needed a new wood bathroom window replacing in our home before the winter sets in as it had come to the end of it's life. I was shocked to find that a wooden window was much more expensive than a  UPVC one! So I contacted a national firm and asked for a quote for a UPVC replacement. The salesman arrived and told me that I was lucky as they were offering a large  discount at the present time. This window is small about 24 inches wide x 40 inches long. The price quoted was £650.00, that included the large discount.
I did not order the window! And showed him the door.
I then contacted the firm above and they quoted me £285.00. This firm got the order, and two cups of tea.
The window is now fitted and is a first class job, I cannot find any fault in their workmanship at all.
A saving of £365.00  by using 24/7 Glazing & Locks.
But no large discount, thank goodness! 
You get what you order and pay for at a rock bottom price.
I was so pleased with the service that I decided to pass this information on to all my site visitors that live in the Lincoln area. I fully recommend this firm and in the future I will use them again and again if  needs be.
Best wishes to all of you and many thanks for visiting
my website.