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In 1848 what is now Hartsholme lake was excavated by the Lincoln Waterworks Company to provide water to Lincoln.
The Lake covers 25 acres and held 23 million gallons of water. Water was conveyed to Boultham filter beds and then pumped to the service reservoir in Lincoln.
But in 1904/1905 a disaster struck Lincoln...
An Outbreak of typhoid hit Lincoln!
"Hartsholme Reservoir" was wrongly accused of being the source, 131 people died.
The reservoir supplied 733 houses at its height and was used until 1911.
When it was removed from the Boultham system!
So "Hartsholme Lake" then and now flows under Skellingthorpe road and meander's along it's way until it reaches the River Witham.
Lincoln's Water 1905-2011
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Bracebridge Heath Tower ...
Bracebridge Heath Tower...
Bracebridge Heath Tower...
Bracebridge Heath Tower...
Bracebridge Heath Tower...
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