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Hello everyone, let me introduce myself.
I am Brian Harding a member of the
Hartsholme Country Park Advisory Group.
My role within the group is "Press Officer"
Any news about your park that I think will be of interest to you will be published by Barry as soon as I can report it to him.
Brian Harding.
News letter Number One from Brian,
 7th of September 2012
1         It was good to see so many people on our Fun Day , smiling faces from all age groups. From Clowns to wood carvings with a chain saw what a success the day was. A record number of people came to join us and the weather was perfect. Plans are already in hand to look for funding for next year and volunteers are needed to help on the day. Should you have a few hours to give let Barry know your contact number and we will be in touch nearer the day.
2         The White Bridge starts to be taken down on the 10 of September this has to be done because youths are still using the bridge even when it has been fenced off. The risk of injury to a person could not be taken by the City Council and we support that action.
3         We have been assured that the bridge will be repaired sooner rather than later and that it will be in character with the previous bridges. On a small bit of history the original bridge was taken down in 1942 by the army and this latest bridge was installed in 1965 nearly fifty years ago!
4         On 20 September at about 1pm our Green Flag award which we have gained again this year will be officially hoisted up by the Deputy Mayor of Lincoln, Councillor Vaughan. Come and join us outside the Visitor Centre .
News letter number Two from Brian,
22nd of September 2012
The award ceremony and the raising of the Green Flag was well supported by the Deputy Mayor and Council members of Lincoln City Council and is an award of which we are again proud to have won. This has been a tremendous team effort from all those that give their time for the Park both paid and volunteers. Well done!
News letter number Three from Brian,
11th of November 2012.
 Thanks to Mark and Maxine Morley of RED Recruitment 24/7 Limited our funding for the
2013 Fun Day in the Park
has been secured as they have agreed to sponsor the event.
Many thanks to them as we will be able yet again to give a free day of fun and activities to our local community.
News letter number Four from Brian,
22nd of December 2012.
What a Christmas present for the park users, the design for the new bridge has been released by the City council and does it look good! It is quite apparent that a lot of effort and thought has gone into the design to maintain the original features as far as is practicable.The design can be seen on our website home page. The design still has to go to planning to be put out for consultation and approved, but hopefully we should see it in use sooner rather than later. Whilst the bridge is down, our Park Rangers are doing their best to maintain a footway at the back of the park by the wall. However, due to the amount of rain, it has become sometimes nearly impassable if you are pushing a buggie or wheelchair.  They are doing their best, please be patient! 
Regards Brian.
  News letter number Five from Brian,
1st of March 2013.
Good news, the White Bridge design was approved at Wednesday’s City of Lincoln planning meeting.
This is the start to having the bridge reinstated. There is no doubt that the removal of the bridge has caused a lot of upheaval for a large number of the Park users and it is hoped that we will see a new bridge in the not too distant future.
You may have seen in the local press that the City Council, like most Councils and all of us, are making cuts to save money. One proposal was for us to lose our Urban Ranger service which is very special to Lincoln. We, as a group, have made it known to the Council that we support this service and would not like to see it disappear. Whilst it is a partnership from the Police to the Park Rangers which help to keep our Park and other green spaces safe for us to use, the Urban Rangers are an important part of that team and to lose them would be a sad loss.
The plans for our Community Fun Day on Sunday 11th August are already in hand and clowns , face painting, bouncy castle and a climbing wall, just to mention a few attractions, will be there. All we need are the people, put a note in your diary now and come and join us!
Regards Brian.
News letter number Six from Brian,
17th of April 2013.
"Funding to replace the old White Bridge in  Hartsholme Park  was approved at a Full Council Meeting on 16th of April 2013.  A budget of around £60,050 has been set aside for the work.The new bridge will be built on the old pylons from 1902 which are still standing in the water and will have a non-slip deck.  It will be the same height and width as the previous bridge.
It is not yet known when work will start on the new bridge."
Regards  Brian.
News letter number Seven from Brian,
30th of May 2013.
A baby Heron was found in Shearwater Close having flown from its nest and lost its bearings!
Left for several hours to see if it would fly back to the park but it would appear that it was too young to do so.
Wierfield animal Hospital from Rookery lane Lincoln were contacted and the Heron was collected and taken back to the Hospital for a check and some fish!!
Happy ending!
Regards Brian
 News letter number Eight from Brian,
6th of August 2013.
"It's that time of year again!  Our annual Fun Day will be held on Sunday August 11th between
11.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. Many fun activities from a bouncycastle to chainsaw sculpturing!  
Looking forward to seeing you all there."
Regards Brian.
News letter number Nine from Brian,
28th of February 2014.
It has been a while since I have written on my page.  The reason is that White Bridge, which had become the main focus of the users of the park, has been riddled with finishing dates which have never materialised. It is fair to say there have been numerous stumbling blocks along the way, but at last the end is in sight! From my point of view worth the wait!  It looks the part and is fitting for the park. The latest news is ‘’ up and running by mid-March’’, an occasion to be celebrated by all.

Our Heron Project to put cameras on the island so that visitors can watch herons on their nest is up and running. This two year project, the vision of Barry Short, has seen numerous people willingly giving their skills for free in order to achieve the goal. The viewing screen is in the visitor centre. Please come and have a look. There is still more work to do on this project, so watch this space.

Our Community Fun Day in the park this year is set for Sunday 10 August 2014. Our sponsors again this year are Mark and Maxine Morley of Red recruitment Agency 24/7.  A very big thank you to our sponsors, and to the Hartsholme Rangers for all their input and support before and during the day .
Regards Brian

News letter number Ten from Brian,
8th of March 2014.
What a week this has been! White Bridge is open at last and boy does
it look good! Well worth the wait! At the exact time of the handover
from the Contractors to the City Council, the Red Arrows flew over in
their Diamond Nine formation, thank you!
On the screen in the visitor centre, streamed directly from the heron
video camera on the island, you should see a heron sitting on her
nest. Well worth a visit!
Regards Brian
News letter number Eleven from Brian,
16th of April 2014.

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Barry Short has been awarded the Lincoln City Mayoral Medal by the Mayor, Councillor Pat Vaughan for his services to the community of the City of Lincoln and Hartsholme Country  Park.
Well done Barry!
Regards Brian 

News letter number Twelve from Brian,
22nd of April 2014.

Our Fun Day this year on 10 August is being jointly funded by Red Recruitment24/7, and Running Imp a big thank you to both of our sponsors.
Without their generousity with funding and support our Fun day would not be possible.  
Regards Brian

News letter number Thirteen from Brian,
3rd of March 2015.

March sees the launch of our Calendar Photo Competition. It's open to everyone, the only rules are that pictures must have been taken within Hartsholme Country Park or Swanholme Nature Reserve. The photo/photos can cover anything from the wildlife to the Park Rangers at work. The competition runs to the end of May 2015 and the lucky twelve winners will each receive a prize and of course be in our calendar. The calendar will be launched on our Fun Day which is August 9 2015. Details of our competition to enter are at the Park Cafe and www.hartsholmecountrypark.com. The Herons have arrived, ducks have their new feathers, there is lots out there to photograph. Best of luck.
Regards Brian

News letter number Fourteen from Brian,
3rd of March 2016.

From: Brian and Janet Harding <[email protected]>
Date: 3 March 2016 at 12:32:54 GMT
To: Becky Scott <
[email protected]>

Subject:Leasing of land rear of Keadby Close,Lincoln
An extraordinary meeting of Hartsholme Country Park Advisory Group was called on 3rd March 2016 and it was unanimously agreed on behalf of all Park users, whom we represent, that we OBJECT to the proposals of granting the proposed lease of land rear of Keadby Close.
We also insist on being kept informed of progress in this matter and any other proposals regarding the Park.
Sue Grace
Hartsholme Country Park Advisory Group